The breadcrumbs can be configured from the view located in resources/views/vendor/belich/partials/navigation/breadcrumbs.blade.php.

The basic template has the following format:

<nav class="w-full rounded-lg rounded-b-none shadow bg-white">
    <ul class="flex list-reset my-3 p-4 font-semibold">
        @foreach($request->breadcrumbs as $label => $url)
            @if($label && $url)
                    <a href="{{ $url }}" class="text-teal-dark font-medium underline">{{ $label }}</a>

                <li class="text-grey-darker">{{ $label }}</li>

                <li class="mx-2">/</li>

Create a custom breadcrumb for a resource

Simply open the resource file (for example: User), located at: \App\Belich \Resources\User.php, and in it, you can add a method to customize the breadcrumb.

As an example:

 * Set the breadcrumbs for the given resource.
 * @return array
public static function breadcrumbs()
    return [
        'text1' => '',
        'text2' => '',

The previous example shows a breadcrumb with the texts and links indicated.

If you look closely, the last element in the array does not have an url, that is because it is the current page... in any case, you are free to add an url if you wish, but: Does it make sense to put a link in the current page?