Cache for graphs

To allocate the cache, a helper has been created, mainly thinking about the changes in the cache that were integrated in Laravel 5.8.

The use of the helper, will allow us to save all the data as a Carbon\Carbon object, and to be able to use the format we like the most: seconds, minutes, hours,...

All methods need two parameters:

  • The amount of time.
  • A unique key.

The best option for the unique key is to pass the $this->uriKey() of the graph, but you can use the one that suits you.

It must be included in the method calculate():

 * Make calculations
 * @return string
public function calculate(Request $request) : array
    return Connection::make(User::class)
        ->cacheInMinutes(10, $this->uriKey())

The methods available to manage the cache are:

  • cacheForEver()
  • cacheInMinutes(int $minutes, string $key)
  • cacheInHours(int $hours, string $key)
  • cacheInDays(int $days, string $key)