Methods to modify type declarations

Belich allows you to assign the type of a field before saving it to the database, and without using accessors or mutators.

The procedure is the next:

use Daguilarm\Belich\Fields\Types\Text;

 * Get the fields displayed by the resource.
 * @param  \Illuminate\Http\Request  $request
 * @return Illuminate\Support\Collection
public function fields(Request $request) {
    return [
        Text::make('Status', 'status')

And the field will be converted to integer before being added to the database. Right after the validation, since this modification is made in the Form Request corresponding to the Controller's action.

The available types are:

  • toBoolean()
  • toDate(string $format)
  • toInteger()
  • toFloat()
  • toJson()
  • toYear()
  • toString()

Special mention to the toDate() method, which, as you can see, forces us to add the date format since it is necessary to create the Carbon \ Carbon object.