Chart Facade: graphic render

The way to render a graph in our Blade template, will be as follows:

{!! Chart::render($request) !!}

Belich will already performs this operation by default, in fact, it makes this call in the template located in resources\views\vendor\belich\dashboard\index.blade.php.

If you need to generate your own graphs, you will only have to call the render() method and pass the variable $request, as shown in the previous example.

If we had our own logic, we must take into account that the system will search in the variable $request, for the object$request->metrics, therefore we must include it (in the request).

As an example and for a better understanding of the render () method, the code that is executed in the method is as follows:

 * Render the metric card
 * @param  \Illuminate\Http\Request  $request
 * @return string
public function render(Request $request) : string
    //Render the metric view
    $metrics = collect($request->metrics)
        ->map(function($metric) {
            return view(

    return $this->hasResults($metrics);

The hasResults() method simply verifies that the graph exists, and if so, sends it to the view.